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A novel deployment strategy of monitors for vehicle emission remote sensing system

Авторы: Liu J., Cheng Yu., Jiang P., Wang B., Hu H., Bychkov I., Hmelnov A.,

Журнал: ISA Transactions



Год: 2022

Отчётный год: 2022


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Аннотация: A novel deployment strategy for monitors is presented in this paper. Firstly, the real road networks are modeled though graph-theoretic analysis with limited information like the topology of the road networks and the direction of traffic flows; secondly, an appropriate visiting order of vertexes is obtained by the breadth-first search algorithm; thirdly, a minimum set of roads to deploy monitors is calculated based on the balance attribute of traffic flows at each junction. Experiment results demonstrate that the proposed deployment strategy can not only decrease the redundancy of the deployed monitors, but also consider the real unbalanced vertexes in the road networks.

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