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A Technique for Rapid Development of Declarative Knowledge Bases for Aircraft Diagnostics Based on Decision Tables

Авторы: Yurin A.Y., Nikolaychuk O., Dorodnykh N., Kotlov Y.

Журнал: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems

Том: 502


Год: 2022

Отчётный год: 2022


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Аннотация: Diagnostics of aircraft malfunctions remains an area of research that requires the use and creation of artificial intelligence methods and systems to support decision-making. The paper describes an approach to the rapid development of knowledge bases of intelligent aircraft fault diagnosis systems. At the same time, knowledge is presented in a declarative form as logical rules describing the relationships between external signs of malfunction, possible causes, and operations for their localization and elimination. The technology for prototyping rule-based expert systems based on transformations (PESoT) is used as a methodological basis. This technology implements some End-User Development principles, in particular, visual and wizard-based programming, and model transformations. By PESoT we developed domain models, transformed them to decision tables of a special type, filled them with information from troubleshooting manuals and fault accounting cards, transform filled tables to the elements of a knowledge base with consequent testing. The proposed methodology was also evaluated on a time criterion which showed its applicability for prototyping.

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