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Simulation of Railway Marshalling Yards Based on Four-Phase Queuing Systems

Авторы: Zharkov M., Lempert A., Pavidis M.

Журнал: Communications in Computer and Information Science

Том: 1391


Год: 2021

Отчётный год: 2021


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Аннотация: Design and study of mathematical models of marshalling yards in order to increase productivity and ensure their smooth operation is relevant, since these objects are key elements for the organization of freight transport on the railway network. In this work, we develop a mathematical model for the operation of a marshalling yard in the form of a four-phase queuing system with BMAP flow and group service of requests. Each phase is a non-Markov multichannel queuing system with a finite queue and group service of requests in the channel. For its numerical study, we create and implement a simulation model. The proposed mathematical apparatus and software are tested on for the operating marshalling yard, which is typical and located on the East Siberian Railway. We demonstrate that it allows us to assess the current level of operation, determine the maximum permissible load and find bottlenecks in the structure of the selected station and then eliminate them.

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