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On the modeling of transient processes in micrologistic transport systems

Авторы: Zharkov M.L., Kazakov A.L., Lempert A.A.

Журнал: Материалы Междунар. конф. "Environmental transformation and sustainable development in the Asian region" (Irkutsk, 8-10 September 2020)



Год: 2021

Отчётный год: 2020

Издательство: Ин-т географии им. В.Б. Сочавы СО РАН

Местоположение издательства: Иркутск


Аннотация: Micrologistic transport systems are ports, transport hubs, railway terminals (railway stations and marshalling yards), and other micro-level transport objects. Such systems are dynamic ones, whose parameters are time-dependent. Consequently, transient processes appear. These processes last for some time and then subside. Then the system goes into a stationary mode of operation. To solve most engineering problems, it is sufficient to find the stationary characteristics of the system. However, some problems require knowledge of the properties of transients. In this paper, we use the previously presented technology for modeling the operation of micrologistic transport systems to study transients in various transport objects. We consider two types of micrologistic transport systems, such as passenger and cargo, and design their models in the form of two-phase and three-phase queuing systems with BMAP flows. For these queuing systems, we compile Kolmogorov systems of ordinary differential equations. Their analytical study is difficult; therefore, to solve such systems, we use numerical methods. Overall, we find the transition probabilities of system states. We compare the obtained probabilities with stationary characteristics, which allows us to draw conclusions about the properties of transients in the considered systems.

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