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Orlando Tools: Supporting High-performance Computing in Distributed Environments

Авторы: Gorsky S., Kostromin R., Feoktistov A., Bychkov I.

Журнал: Proceedings of ITNT 2020: 6th IEEE Intern. Conf. on Information Technology and Nanotechnology (ITNT 2020; Samara, 26-29 May 2020)



Год: 2020

Отчётный год: 2020


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Аннотация: Nowadays, scientific applications based on a workflow are actively used. Such applications are one of the forms of distributed applied software packages. The modern tools for designing packages do not fully support continuous integration for both the system and applied software for a heterogeneous distributed computing environment. The software quality, its design time, and experiment conduct time can be improved through expanding the scope of continuous integration for packages. To this end, we provide a new approach to ensuring the continuous integration for both the applied and system software within package designing. In practice, the approach applying enables us to significantly decrease in the number of errors and failures when packages are designed and used. Thus, we substantially reduce the time of conducting computing experiments in a heterogeneous distributed computing environment and increase the efficiency for the use of its resources.

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