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On the analytical and numerical study of a two-dimensional nonlinear heat equation with a source term

Авторы: Kazakov A., Spevak L., Nefedova O., Lempert A.

Журнал: Symmetry

Том: 12

Номер: 6

Год: 2020

Отчётный год: 2020


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Аннотация: he paper deals with two-dimensional boundary-value problems for the degenerate nonlinear parabolic equation with a source term, which describes the process of heat conduction in the case of the power-law temperature dependence of the heat conductivity coecient. We consider a heat wave propagation problem with a specified zero front in the case of two spatial variables. The solution existence and uniqueness theorem is proved in the class of analytic functions. The solution is constructed as a power series with coecients to be calculated by a proposed constructive recurrent procedure. An algorithm based on the boundary element method using the dual reciprocity method is developed to solve the problem numerically. The eciency of the application of the dual reciprocity method for various systems of radial basis functions is analyzed. An approach to constructing invariant solutions of the problem in the case of central symmetry is proposed. The constructed solutions are used to verify the developed numerical algorithm. The test calculations have shown the high eciency of the algorithm.

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