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The Application of the Knowledge-Based Systems Development Platform for Creating Scenario Analysis Support Tools

Авторы: Pavlov A.I., Stolbov A.B.

Журнал: Advances in Intelligent Systems Research: Proc. of the VIth Intern. Workshop Critical Infrastructures: Contingency Management, Intelligent, Agent-Based, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security (IWCI'2019)

Том: 169


Год: 2019

Отчётный год: 2019


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Аннотация: The article discusses the problems of the knowledge-based systems development platform application for creating scenario analysis tools and their approbation for the decision support in the infrastructure logistics domain studies and for the assessment of environmental impacts based on the ecological-economic mathematical regional model. The decision support process is defined by a set of problem-oriented knowledge bases that are consistently interpreted. The platform provides the basic functionality for the knowledge bases design process: creation of subject domain model and rules, reasoning, data storing. However, to meet the targets problem-oriented and several auxiliary components are additionally developed. The proposed components extend the basic platform capabilities by providing the following: new data type for storing N-dimension data; the information representation in map view based on OpenLayers library, special scenario editor component for defining scenario analysis properties and workflow.

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