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Modelling energy systems of Vietnam with integration of renewable power sources

Авторы: Edelev A.V., Karamov D.N., Sidorov I.A., Binh D.V., Nam N.H., Anh N.H., Duy P.V., Hanh, P.T.

Журнал: CEUR Workshop Proceedings: Proc. of 1st Intern. Workshop on Information, Computation, and Control Systems for Distributed Environments (ICCS-DE'2019)

Том: 2430


Год: 2019

Отчётный год: 2019


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Аннотация: The paper addresses the research of the large-scale penetration of renewable energy into the power system of Vietnam. The proposed approach presents the optimization of operational decisions in different power generation technologies as a Markov decision process. It uses a stochastic base model that optimizes a deterministic lookahead model. The first model applies the stochastic search to optimize the operation of power sources. The second model captures hourly variations of renewable energy over a year. The approach helps to find the optimal generation configuration under different market conditions.

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