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Multiagent Technology for Parallel Implementation of Boolean Constraint Method for Qualitative Analysis of Binary Dynamic Systems

Авторы: Bogdanova V.G., Gorsky S.A.

Журнал: IEEE: Proc. 42nd International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (MIPRO)



Год: 2019

Отчётный год: 2019


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Аннотация: The high computational complexity of qualitative analysis problems requires the development of software and tools for its solution using parallel computations and service-oriented access to the resources of high-performance computing environments. We offer a new implementation technology of Boolean constraints method for the qualitative research of binary dynamic system functioning on a finite time interval. According to this method, the satisfiability verification of dynamic system properties is reduced to solving the Boolean satisfiability problem or quantified Boolean formula problem. Offered technology is based on a decentralized multi-agent approach to managing the construction and study of Boolean models of dynamic properties in a distributed computational network. Microservices-based software for models constructing and studying are installed on dedicated computational nodes. The agents associated with installation nodes, run these microservices. Local agent's knowledge base stores information about their neighborhoods. The discrete event-driven agent's behavior model provides decentralized control based on direct peer-to-peer interactions of agents. Using this approach, we developed a multiagent system automating the constructing a dynamic property model and parallel solving the Boolean satisfiability problem and quantified Boolean formula problem. The results of computational experiments confirmed the effectiveness of the developed software based on the proposed technology.

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