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Nonlinear dynamics of soft boson excitations in hot QCD plasma. 1. Plasmon-plasmon scattering

Авторы: Markov Y.A., Markova M.A.

Журнал: Annals of Physics

Том: 302

Номер: 2

Год: 2002

Отчётный год: 2002


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Аннотация: On the basis of the pure gauge sector of the Blaizot-lancu equation, we derive a kinetic equation of Boltzmann type, taking into account 2n + 2-colorless plasmon decay processes, n = 1, 2,.... Using the so-called Tsytovich correspondence principle, a direct connection between matrix elements of the plasmon decay processes and a certain effective current, generating these processes, is established. The procedure of calculating a matrix element for the simplest four-plasmon decay is considered comprehensively. The limiting value of, the plasmon occupation number (similar to1/g(2), where g is a strong coupling) wherein all plasmon decays with n greater than or equal to 1 contribute to the right-hand side of the Boltzmann equation, is defined. The iterative method of calculation of matrix elements for higher decay processes (n > 1) is proposed, and a problem of their gauge-invariance is discussed. We proceed from the general reasons the problem of extending the suggested approach to the case of color plasmons is considered. The explicit form of a linearized Boltzmann equation for color plasmons is written out, and it is shown that this equation covariantly conserves the color current, resulting from color-plasmon number density.

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