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Nonlinear dynamics of soft fermion excitations in hot QCD plasma II: Soft-quark-hard-particle scattering and energy losses

Авторы: Markov Yu.A., Markova M.A.

Журнал: Nuclear Physics A

Том: 784

Номер: 1-4

Год: 2007

Отчётный год: 2007


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Аннотация: In general line with our first work [Yu.A. Markov, M.A. Markova, Nucl. Phys. A 770 (2006) 162] within the framework of semiclassical approximation a general theory for the scattering processes of soft (anti)quark excitations off hard thermal particles in hot QCD-medium is thoroughly considered. The dynamical equations describing evolution for the usual classical color charge Q(a)(t) and Grassmann color charges theta(i) (t), theta(dagger i) (t) of hard particle taking into account the soft fermion degree of freedom of the system are suggested. On the basis of these equations and the Blaizot-lancu equations iterative procedure of calculation of effective currents and sources generating the scattering processes under consideration is defined and their form up to third order in powers of free soft quark field, soft gluon one, and initial values of the color charges of hard particle is explicitly calculated. With use of the generalized Tsytovich principle a connection between matrix elements of the scattering processes and the effective currents and sources is established. In the context of the effective theory suggested for soft and hard fermion excitations new mechanisms of energy losses of high-energy parton propagating through QCD-medium are considered.

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