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Asymptotics of reachable sets of linear dynamical systems with impulsive control

Авторы: Goncharova E.V., Ovseevich A.I.

Журнал: Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International

Том: 46

Номер: 1

Год: 2007

Отчётный год: 2007


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Аннотация: Explicit asymptotic formulas for the reachable sets of linear dynamical systems with constraints on the total impulse of control action under different assumptions concerning the spectrum of the system's matrix are obtained. It is shown that for large time, the reachable sets can be approximately represented in the form of the product of the scaling matrix and the normalized reachable set, where the matrix is an elementary function of time, and the normalized reachable set depends on time quasi-periodically. Analysis of asymptotic formulas has shown that, generally speaking, there exists a continuum of limit shapes, the aggregate of which produces a multidimensional attractor.

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