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The concept of automatic traffic control of freight train

Авторы: Bychkov I.V., Eliseev S.V., Khomenko A.P.

Журнал: Environmental Vibrations: Prediction, Monitoring, Mitigation and Evaluation



Год: 2009

Отчётный год: 2009


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Аннотация: The construction of a hierarchical system of automatic traffic control of a freight train with allowance for possibilities of entering at various levels of different nature control actions is dealt here. Such system assumes the developing of a simulators complex reflecting: (1) Interaction of a rolling-stock and its separate fragments with the truck structure; (2) Interaction of a rolling-stock units with each other and train operations as the object possessing the integrated properties; (3) Dynamic interactions of elements in a rolling-stock spring suspension units system; (4) Impact of a train operations, as source of vibrations, on a track structure and a surface waves generation.

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