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Adaptive iterative regularization schemes for two-dimensional integral-algebraic systems

Авторы: Farahani M., Hadizadeh M., Bulatov M.V., Chistyakova E.V.

Журнал: Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences

Том: 42

Номер: 18

Год: 2019

Отчётный год: 2019


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Аннотация: The main idea of this paper is to utilize the adaptive iterative schemes based on regularization techniques for moderately ill-posed problems that are obtained by a system of linear two-dimensional Volterra integral equations with a singular matrix in the leading part. These problems may arise in the modeling of certain heat conduction processes as well as in the dynamic simulation packages such as compressible flow through a plant piping network. Owing to the ill-posed nature of the first kind Volterra equation that appears in the system, we will focus on the two families of regularization algorithms, ie, the Landweber and Lavrentiev type methods, where we treat both the exact and perturbed data. Our aim is to work directly with the original Volterra equations without any kind of reduction. Two fast iterative algorithms with reasonable computational complexity are developed. Numerical experiments on a few test problems are used to illustrate the validity and efficiency of the proposed iterative methods in comparison with the classical regularization methods.

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