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Precision Programmed Scanning of a Planet Surface by a Nonrigid Orbital Telescope

Авторы: Voronov V.A., Druzhinin E.I.

Журнал: Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International

Том: 50

Номер: 4

Год: 2011

Отчётный год: 2011


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Аннотация: This paper continues the study [1] of the problem of formation of program controls for a nonrigid orbital telescope with gyrodynes as actuators. In [1] the problem of program control for guidance of a nonrigid telescope to a given region was considered. In this paper, we solve the problem of calculation of control for the regime of programmed scanning of the studied domain on an underlying surface of a planet. Here, similar to [1], the direct method is used for control calculation. Along with the guarantee of problem-free feasibility of "direct" program controls for actuating force gyroscopes, the direct method makes it possible to obtain the control law with required quality, for example, time-linear control by exact calculation (without subsequent approximations), which provides it simple technical implementation; in this case gyro-units of gyrodynes are rotated with piecewise constant acceleration (for inertia-free gyrodyne model the gyro-unit rotation velocities represent control laws) [2]. If a set of inertial flywheels is used as an actuating set, the direct method of calculation makes it possible to automatically distribute control action over separate actuating elements.

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