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Calculation of Program Controls Not Generating Singular States of a Gyro System. II

Авторы: Belyaev B.B., Bychkov I.V., Druzhinin E.I., Ul’yanov S.A.

Журнал: Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International

Том: 58

Номер: 3

Год: 2019

Отчётный год: 2019


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Аннотация: The paper is devoted to the applied aspect of a new technology for calculating the laws of program controls for the orientation of a spacecraft (SC) [1]. The two-point boundary problem of reorienting a SC by gyrodynes is solved. The results of the numerical implementation of a new method of forming the program laws of reorientation that do not generate singular states of the executive gyro system are presented. The numerical implementation is carried out using the example of a dynamic model of a space telescope with real characteristics and six gyrodynes, which make up three pairs with collinear precession axes. The obtained results demonstrate the principal novelty of the new method of calculating the controls: the calculated laws of the telescope's guidance lack the singular values of the precession angles of the gyro units of the executive gyrodynes. When the gyro units enter these positions, the space telescope loses controllability and the guidance process is interrupted. The absence of singular positions of gyro unit points guarantees the non-stop execution of the calculated laws with the required accuracy and speed.

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