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Parallel guess-and-determine preimage attack with realistic complexity estimation for MD4-40 cryptographic hash function

Авторы: Gribanova I.A., Semenov A.A.

Журнал: Материалы XIII Междунар. научной конф. "Параллельные вычисл. технологии" (ПаВТ'2019, Калининград, 2-4 апреля 2019 г.)



Год: 2019

Отчётный год: 2019

Издательство: Издат. центр ЮУрГУ

Местоположение издательства: Челябинск


Аннотация: In the present paper we consider a preimage finding problem for hash function MD440, a truncated variant of well-known cryptographic hash function MD4. For this function we study the following problem: for a randomly generated 128-bit vector to find corresponding 512-bit MD4-40 preimage. We demonstrate how this problem can be solved in the context of guess-and-determine attack. To estimate the complexity of the attack a computing cluster is used. The resulting estimation shows that the proposed attack can be implemented in realistic time in distributed computing environments, such as, for example, volunteer computing projects.

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