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Ecological-Economic Model of the Region: Information Technology, Forecasting and Optimal Control

Авторы: Baturin V., Gurman V.

Журнал: Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena

Том: 4

Номер: 5

Год: 2009

Отчётный год: 2009


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Аннотация: The paper considers a methodology of mathematical modeling of ecological-economic processes at the regional level. The basis of the model is formed by equations, which describe two interacting blocks: economic and ecological ones. Equations of the economic block are represented by relations of generalized inter-branch balance, while the ecological part is described in terms of differential equations with deviations with respect to some given state of natural resources. Issues of i) information support of the model, ii) techniques used for identification of the coefficients, iii) scenario analysis and iv) forecasting are analyzed.

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