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On Invariant Manifolds of Dynamical Systems in Lie Algebras

Авторы: Irtegov V.D., Titorenko T.N.

Журнал: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Том: 5743


Год: 2009

Отчётный год: 2009


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Аннотация: Some problems of obtaining, analysis of stability and bifurcations of invariant sets of dynamical systems described by Euler equations in Lie algebras so(4) and so(3, 1) are discussed. The considered systems assume additional polynomial first integrals of the 3rd and 6th degrees. Invariant sets of these systems can be found from the conditions of stationarity for the problem first integrals. Methods of computer algebra have been employed in the capacity of the computational methods. The computer algebra systems (CAS) Mathematica and Maple have been used.

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