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Classic Holography, Tomography and Speckle Metrology Using a High-Power Terahertz Free Electron Laser and Real-time Image Detectors

Авторы: Balandin A.L. et al.

Журнал: Proc. of 35th Intern. Conf. on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz 2010. Rome, 5-10 сентября 2010 г.)



Год: 2010

Отчётный год: 2010


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Аннотация: Experiments with in-line and two-beam holography as well as speckle photography and speckle interferometry using highpower monochromatic radiation of free electron laser have been carried out. An experimental-and-theoretical approach to tomography with monochromatic terahertz sources is presented. All measurements were carried out using real-time image sensors: a microbolometer focal plane array and a luminescence-quenching thermal image plate with intensified CCD camera.

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