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Technology of 3d relief modelling based on Delaunay triangulation algorithms

Авторы: Gachenko A.S., Khmelnov A.E.

Журнал: E3S Web of Conferences: Proc. of Conf. "Regional Problems of Earth Remote Sensing" (RPERS'2018; 11-14 September; Krassnoyarsk))

Том: 75


Год: 2019

Отчётный год: 2019


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URL: https://www.e3s-conferences.org/articles/e3sconf/pdf/2019/01/e3sconf_rpers2018_03002.pdf

Аннотация: This paper represents the algorithm of superimposing underwater relief and land relief basing on heterogeneous initial data with the use of Delaunay triangulation. As a result of superimposition a qualitative 3D relief model has been created. This model can be used in generating forecasts of reservoir shoreline alterations related to hydroelectric power plant flushing. The described technology has been approbated in various practical tasks and has shown its efficiency.

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