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Vector and Scalar Tomography of Compact Toroid Plasmas

Авторы: You S., Tanabe H., Ono Y., Balandin A.L.

Журнал: Journal of Fusion Energy

Том: 29

Номер: 6

Год: 2010

Отчётный год: 2010


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Аннотация: Multichannel spectroscopic diagnostics have been installed on the TS-4 compact toroid experiment at the University of Tokyo with view chords designed for measuring 2D ion bulk flow velocities and temperatures. Computerized vector tomography reconstructs velocities from the Doppler-shifted line shapes and scalar emissivity from the scalar tomography of the zeroth moment measurements. The first results show bulk ion flow field in a 2D plane with significant cross-field flow possibly due to the slingshot effect during reconnection merging of two counter-helicity spheromaks. The results are limited by a center column and available viewports in the vacuum chamber. This proof-of-principle experiment shows that, with increased access, 3D velocity flow fields can be completely reconstructed in compact toroid plasma experiments.

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