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Methods and tools of synthesis for linear regulator in binary dynamics systems: A logical approach

Авторы: Oparin G.A., Bogdanova V.G., Pashinin A.A., Gorsky S.A.

Журнал: AIP Conference Proceedings, 12th Intern. Conf. on Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Aerospace and Science (ICNPAA 2018, 3-6 July, Yerevan, Armenia)

Том: 2046


Год: 2018

Отчётный год: 2018


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Аннотация: We offer a new logical method for a parametric synthesizing linear static regulator in binary dynamic systems. To describe the dynamics in the general case of a nonlinear object and linear regulator state equations are used. The required dynamics property (in our case the property of stability) specification of a closed system is given in the formal logic language. In this formulation, the synthesis problem is reduced to the qualitative analysis problem - the verification of the truth of the quantified Boolean formula with the simultaneous search for the feedback matrix. The proposed method allows the natural parallelization based on data and high scalability with increasing the problem dimension in case of it is implemented in a high-performance computing environment. We develop a service-oriented solver, including the tools intended to automatically create a Boolean model of the original problem and solve the synthesis problem of a linear regulator using this model.

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