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Geological Information System of environmental and human intervention impact assessment on bodies of water of the Irkutsk region

Авторы: Bychkov I.V., Gachenko A.S., Hmelnov A.E., Fedorov R.K., Fereferov E.S.

Журнал: Proc. 1st Intern. Geographical Conf. of North Asian Countries on China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor: Geographical and Environmental Factors and Territorial Development Opportunities

Том: 190

Номер: 1

Год: 2018

Отчётный год: 2018


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Аннотация: In this paper the authors present a methodology on information support for research on human and environmental impact of Lake Baikal. The geoportal placed on the Internet allows researchers to create a common thematic database (tabular data) and map data (information layers) within the framework of the project, as well as to run Internet services for geoprocessing and complex data analysis problems solving. One of the key features of the engineered geoportal is the ability for users to create the structure of their databases independently (to add, to delete and to modify the tables structure) as well as to configure the run of geoprocessing services. Besides this platform allows you to take on projects on various subjects and with a large number of users simultaneously. They have took on works on 3D modeling of the surface topography of the coastal zone near the village of Listvyanka. Underwater terrain is combined with land relief. As a result catchment basins along which pollutants with groundwater enter the coastal waters of Lake Baikal have been identified. The data on pollution concentration sites is confirmed by practical measurements and coincides with the drainage areas.

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