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Analysis of service calls for construction of the semantic network of services

Авторы: Fedorov R.K., Shumilov A.S., Voskoboynikov M.L.

Журнал: Proc. 1st Scientific-Practical Workshop on Information Technologies: Algorithms, Models, Systems (ITAMS 2018)

Том: 2221


Год: 2018

Отчётный год: 2018


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URL: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2221/paper4.pdf

Аннотация: The paper proposes a method for obtaining the missing information in the construction of a semantic network, based on the analysis of statistical data about the service use by users. The advantage of the method is that the semantic connection between the two services is confirmed by a workable example demonstrating the transfer of data from one service to another. In addition, together with the semantic network, we obtain the connectivity of the parameters by the data, the possible values of the parameters, the frequency characteristics of users' use of services and their compositions, the time of the services execution, etc.

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