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Лесные пожары в Байкальском регионе

Авторы: Воронин В.И., Осколков В.А., Шубкин Р.Г., Ружников Г.М.

Журнал: Материалы Междунар. научно-практ. форума "Природные ресурсы и экология Дальневосточного региона" (Хабаровск, 25-26 октября 2012 г.)



Год: 2013

Отчётный год: 2013


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Аннотация: The initial stage of development of Siberia is characterized by lack of a regulation of forest conservation from fires. On the contrary, the burning out of the woods and transformation of the released areas into the farmland in every possible way was encouraged. Organization of the first forestry’s «The highest command of Emperor Alexander III from 15.02.1894» promoted improvement of forest conservation by forces of wood guards; however the insignificant area of forestry’s and small number of wood guards couldn't change radically a situation with forest conservation from fires. Existence of the huge taiga spaces which have not been captured by forestry’s for territories of the Irkutsk general governorship (which included Irkutsk and Yenisei provinces, the Yakut and Transbaikal areas) don't allow to estimate true scales of forest fires. Idea of these events can be made only according to some published data. In particular, V. B. Shostakovich (1924) described damage from a fire of 1915 when fire blazed in a taiga across all Siberia on the area of 1.6 million km 2. By rough calculations this year 165 million m 3 of wood were lost. Rather reliable statistics of forest fires in Baikal region exists from the middle of the XX century. The analysis of dynamics of an inflammability of forests for Irkutsk region show that the number of fires on years fluctuates in a big range (from 330 to 3500) and depends, first of all, on weather conditions.

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