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Multiobjective optimization of the region's transport system on the basis of its hypergraph

Авторы: Kazakov A.L., Petrov M.B., Maslov A.M.

Журнал: Economy of Region

Том: 4


Год: 2014

Отчётный год: 2014


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Аннотация: In the article, some results of modeling of regional transport network on the basis of the model of its hypergraph are presented. That allows to formalize the large volume of diverse data in the conditions of their incompleteness and stand as an allocation and solution of transport and logistic tasks for space of the whole region. The method of multiobjective optimization, realized according to the principle of dual management on the basis of the hypergraph and its clustering, gives the option to reason and range the segments of network according to both the criterion of fitting of infrastructure condition to the target indicators of the realized strategy of region's development, and the return influence of transport infrastructure on development of region's economy. Usually, for the transport tasks solved by the hypergraph theory, the static statement is used, the algorithm of dual management applied by the authors allows to solve a problem of the network optimization in dynamics of initial information. Approbation of the offered method is carried out on the example of Sverdlovsk region. The network is analyzed on the compliance with the most probable scenario set in the program and strategic documents. The conclusion according to the results made about the priority development paths connecting development areas and the transport network clusters corresponding to them.

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