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Invariant Manifolds in the Classic and Generalized Goryachev-Chaplygin Problem

Авторы: Irtegov V.D., Titorenko T.N.

Журнал: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Том: 8660


Год: 2014

Отчётный год: 2014


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Аннотация: With the aid of computer algebra methods, we have conducted qualitative analysis of the phase space for the classic and generalized Goryachev-Chaplygin problem. In particular, we have found a series of new invariant manifolds of various dimension which possess some extremal property. Motions on a one-dimensional invariant manifold have been investigated. It was shown that these motions are asymptotically stable on this manifold, and one of equilibrium points on the manifold is a limit point for these motions.

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