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Multiagent Approach to Controlling Distributed Computing in a Cluster Grid System

Авторы: Bogdanova V.G., Bychkov I.V., Korsukov A.S., Oparin G.A., Feoktistov A.G.

Журнал: J. of Computer and Systems Sciences International

Том: 53

Номер: 5

Год: 2014

Отчётный год: 2014


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Аннотация: Generally, distributed computing environments have a number of properties that significantly complicate unification of processes of computing control such as their scheduling and resource allocation. Such properties include, for instance, functional-organizing heterogeneity, dynamics and non-complete description of integrated resources; diversity of the spectrum of problems solved using these resources; different classes of users pursuing their own goals and tasks while working with the computing system. Analysis of world trends in this research domain allows stating that solving these problems is directly connected with intellectualization of middleware of distributed computing environments with decentralized control. In this work, a multiagent approach to controlling distributed computing in a cluster Grid system, which is a virtual software-hardware infrastructure with its nodes being computer clusters, is presented. Characteristics of such system are considered. Architecture and principles of operation of the multiagent system are given. A number of important technological features of the proposed approach is singled out. The multiagent system is developed using JADE tools (Java Agent DEvelopment framework). The results of imitation simulation of the processes of operation of the system of agents being developed are given.

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