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Generation Technique for Django MVC Web Framework Using the Stratego Transformation Language

Авторы: Annenkov D.V., Cherkashin E.A.

Журнал: Proc. of 36th Intern. Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics (Opatija, Croatia, 20–24 May 2013)



Год: 2013

Отчётный год: 2013


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Аннотация: Domain Specific Languages (DSL) allows one to raise level of abstraction, improve development productivity, and establish an equitable communication between domain experts and developers. Language-oriented programming (LOP) is a new paradigm based on DSL construction, allowing separating domain-specific and technology-specific aspects of a system under development. LOP shares some ideas with model-driven architecture and model-driven development. Spoofax language workbench is used as a primary tool for DSL design, and based on Stratego, a transformation language with programmable rewriting strategies, and Syntax Definition Formalism as language for grammar definition. As an example of DSL a simple textual language for domain modeling is considered. Rewriting rules and strategies are used as an uniform approach to generate, validate DSL code, and make arbitrary abstract syntax tree transformations. Rules for code generation implemented using so called "string interpolation" technique. Source DSL code translated to python code that can be deployed within Django web framework, resulting to a web-application with create/update/delete functionality on a corresponding database. Developed DSL is an example of "definition by transformation" approach. To get real benefits from DSL we need to add more domain specific features in DSL.

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