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Two-dimensional ion temperature measurement by application of tomographic reconstruction to Doppler spectroscopy

Авторы: Tanabe H., Kuwahata A., Oka H., Annoura M., Koike H., Nishida K., Inomoto M., Ono Y., You S., Narushima Y., Balandin A.

Журнал: Nuclear Fusion

Том: 53

Номер: 9

Год: 2013

Отчётный год: 2013


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Аннотация: A novel 2D ion temperature measurement for toroidal plasmas has been developed by use of cost-effective discrete tomography reconstruction of 2D ion Doppler spectroscopy composed of a polychromator with an ICCD camera and optical fibres. The 2D projection of the line spectrum collected by 35 (7 x 5) optical fibres is transformed into the r-z profile of the local spectrum by means of the Abel inversion at each wavelength and finally into the 2D (r-z) profile of the ion temperature. Numerical tests of its algorithm indicate that the reconstruction error for a peaked temperature profile is smaller than 15% if the chord-integrated signals have noise smaller than 5%. This system successfully measured the peaked ion temperature profile of a torus plasma on the r-z plane under the condition of negligibly small plasma flow.

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