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Scalable Application for the Search of Global Minima of Multiextremal Functions

Авторы: Bychkov I.V., Oparin G.A., Tchernykh A.N., Feoktistov A.G., Gorsky S.A., Rivera-Rodriguez R.

Журнал: Optoelectronics Instrumentation and Data Processing

Том: 54

Номер: 1

Год: 2018

Отчётный год: 2018


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Аннотация: This paper describes the urgent issue of providing scalability of computations in the solution of multiextremal problems arising in different fields of scientific studies, including image processing. There is an approach proposed for the development of the Gradient scalable application for solving the problem of global optimization of multiextremal functions with account for a multistart method in the Orlando framework. An additional step of computations is implemented in the problem solving scheme, which makes it possible to decompose the problem with account for the performance of computational resources and thereby minimize the time it takes to solve it as opposed to a classical multistart method. Special agents of the metamonitoring system for measuring the performance of resource with regard to the problem solved are developed.

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