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Route planning in 3d environment with multivariant model

Авторы: Vassilyev S.N., Loktev M.A., Tolok A.V., Tolok N.B., Ulyanov S.A.

Журнал: SPIIRAS Proceedings

Том: 2

Номер: 45

Год: 2016

Отчётный год: 2016


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Аннотация: We present results of the research on the planning of routes of unmanned vehicles (autonomous moving objects). The routing is based on the multivariant route model (MRM) formed a priori as a set of alternative paths from an initial point to the target. The MRM construction is done using the computer method of functional voxel modeling, combining the analytical form of describing a 3D-environment with the voxel representation of its local geometrical characteristics. Synthesis of the motion control and stabilization of the path trajectory are done by representing the control object as a multimode model and applying the reduction method to it.

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