A current research information system (CRIS) is a database or other information system to store and manage data about research conducted at an institution.

There is an increasing awareness of the need for quality research management (information) systems:

  • for researchers: easy access to relevant information and associated software, processor power, storage systems and - where necessary - detectors to collect more data to overcome incomplete or inconsistent information
  • for research managers and administrators: easy measurement and analysis of research activity and easy access to comparative information
  • for research councils: optimisation of the funding process
  • for entrepreneurs and technology transfer organizations: easy retrieval of novel ideas and technology in a knowledge-assisted environment and easy identification of competitors and previously done similar research
  • for the media and public: easy access to information, software and computer power to allow easily assimilated presentation of research results in appropriate contexts.

A standard for current research information system is the CERIF (Common European Research Information Format) standard, proposed by the EU and developed and maintained by euroCRIS.

Commercial CRIS solutions including handling of contracts, projects, publications, study plans and patents are available.